Originally launched in 2014, our goal was to utilize the latest technology in fuller hair and grey hair reversal to assist men worldwide, not just in Japan. Developed by Japanese beauty experts and hair scientists, our products harness the latest scalp care technology and stem cell research to target the root causes of hair loss, greying, and thinning.

This innovative line of MARO hair care has made its mark on Japan and has helped men achieve their best looks and best selves. Simple and easy to use, so that you can seamlessly implement it in your daily routine. There hasn’t been a better time or product that can help you rejuvenate your hair to feel cool and confident again.

Thoughtfully formulated, our products address a variety of common hair concerns, including scalp issues, hair loss, and grey hair. Whether you're seeking to proactively safeguard your hair health or address existing issues, MARO's natural ingredients and gentle formulations provide hair care solutions that avoid reliance on prescriptions or harsh pharmaceuticals.

Does it really work?

Science-Backed Formulas

Our products utilize stem cell research to stimulate fuller hair and prevent hair loss by supporting follicle health. We also integrate scalp care technologies to address dryness, itchiness, and inflammation, promoting an optimal environment for healthy hair.

Natural Ingredients

MARO harnesses the power of natural ingredients like Royal Jelly Acid, Collagen, Panax Ginseng Root Extract, Swertia Japonica Extract, Raspberry Leaf, Aloe Extract, and rare essential oils. Carefully selected for their beneficial properties, these ingredients promote healthier hair and scalp without harsh chemicals or synthetic additives.

Proven Results

MARO customers are delighted with the natural results they've seen. Real customers have noticed reduced grey hair in just 6 weeks, others found our Collagen products luxurious yet effective, and all enjoy the refreshing feel of our shampoo.

Who Created MARO? These Guys!

Created by Japanese beauty experts and hair scientists, we use the latest scalp care technology and stem cell research behind the underlying cause of hair loss, graying, and thinning.